The Vision of the Golden Lampstands and..
"By the operation of the sevenfold intensified Spirit within Christ's seeking believers, they are intensified to become the overcomers to build up the Body of Christ, which consummates the New Jerusalem."from: The Vision of the Golden ...
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What a beautiful it is~ ~ (1)
so lovely little bird~ ~
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성경 1년 1독--Daniel 3
성경 1년 1독 (Daniel 3장)6 누구든지 엎드리어 절하지 아니하는 자는 즉시 극렬히 타는 풀무에 던져넣으리라 하매 And whoever does not fall down worship shall be thrown into the midst of a blazing furnace of fire in that very hour. 14 느부갓네살이 그들에게 물어 가로되 사드락, 메삭, 아벳느고야 너희가 내 신...
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Lord Jesus, save us from living Christian life according to our human concepts!
Alex Luziano <abbr title="2012년 11월 13일 화요일 오전 2:02" data-utime="1352739733" class="timestamp livetimestamp" style="border-bottom-style: none">19시간 전  내 타임라인 위에 표시 중 · 숨기기 Senhor Jesus, livra-nos de viver a vida cr...
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"This Stone, 곧 ~그분의 '용사들'과 함께~ 그리스도를 상징' (1)
Morning ReVival"이 돌은 개인적인 그리스도만이 아니라 단체적인 그리스도, 곧 그분의 '용사들'과 함께하시는 그리스도를 상징한다"This stone signifies not only the individual Christ but also the corporate Christ, Christ with His "mighty ones"--욜 3:11"There cause Your mighty ones to desc...
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God doesn't call the qualified..
"하나님께서는 자격이 있는 자를 부르시지 않습니다!그분은 부르심받은 자를 자격이 있도록 하십니다!"아멘!!
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要常常喜樂~ ~~'` Hallelujah!! (1)
 We can take the overcoming way to enlagge the manifestation of Christ so that we may become His mighty ones by walking, living, and having our being in and according to the migled spirit through the following organic pracitces: 1 Thes...
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