My Top 10 Sublime Text Plugins
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10. Package control

This is a must-have plugin. It lets you install, remove and manage your plugins directly from Sublime Text 2. I’d love to see this plugin installed by default on ST2. I can’t recommend enough you use it, it’s the apt-get or nmp packet manager for Sublime.
After it’s installation all you need to do is to type shift + cmd + P, type “install” and ENTER.

9. Bracket Highlighter

Like the name states, it highlights the brackets, quotes and html tags. It’s a simple plugin, but helps a lot when working on big code files.

8. DocBlockr

One of the features I really missed from IDEs on ST2 was the ability to create PHPDoc style comments. This plugins does it, and not only it works with PHP, but it also supports Javascript, ActionScript, CoffeeScript, Java, Objective C, C and C++.

7. SideBar Enhancements

This plugin extends the sidebar menu, by adding lots of new and useful features like: Move to trash, open in browser, and even copy the content of a file as data:uri base64.

6. Prefixr

It allows you to run Prefixr on your CSS code. What it does, among other things, it helps get Cross-Browser CSS in place. So you just need to worry writing CSS3 code, and this plugin will do the rest.

5. Emmet

It’s a plugin based on the Emmet standard. If you never heard of it and you code in HTML, this will blow your mind. You can create complete layouts with just one line of code, press TAB and presto. Have a look a the official website. Highly recommend.

4. Git

Git is my favourite file version control system ever, and this plugin is a front-end for it. If you use Git on a daily basis this is a must-have. Very easy to work with, and after using it you rarely will go into the system console ever again to do common tasks.

3. JSLint

JSLint it’s a Javascript code quality tool created by Douglas Crockford, an Javascript hardcore developer. This tool helps you know what parts of your code you need to change in order to have a better sane code. Until now, you could only do it online, but with this plugin you can do it directly on ST2. If you are serious about Javascript you need this.

2. Sublime Linter

First off, you need this. This plugin is like a IDE itself, it finds errors in your code as you go. It supports dozens of languages, from PHP to Python, Java, etc..
This plugin is not only recommend but it should be mandatory.

1. Sublime CodeIntel

This is my favourite plugin for ST2. This plugins brings a little of IDE functionality into ST2. This plugin reads all your code and is able to code-complete, jump into definitions and function call tooltips.
Although sometimes looks a little buggy, it’s still worth having it around. It’s a huge time saver, especially when you are dealing with other’s people code.

0(bonus). Dayle Rees Themes

Even though ST2 comes with a beautiful package of themes, you might grow tired of it, so the Dayle Rees themes are an amazing beautiful eye-candy themes for ST2.

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